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What is the meaning of life?

The Quest’s Philip and Tony will uncover the answer that has eluded the Pope, Freud, and even Einstein himself…

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It’s Frasier meets Monty Python in this new call-in radio show centered around finding real answers to life’s big questions, and not without some humor along the way.


Have a life question you need answered? Tweet us @TheQuestRadio or call Wednesdays at 4pm 949-715-6701

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Happiness, addiction, sexual repression, anxiety, depression, special relativity, quantum physics, heaven, love, lust, encounters with God, encounters with the Queen – no topic is safe from the cheeky Englishman (Philip) and the ever sincere doctor (Tony), hosts of The Quest.


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Gather your life questions or dilemmas – be they deep, shallow, or otherwise – and send them to The Quest. Tony and Philip will be standing by ready to answer, most likely smoking cigars, dissecting the human psyche, and comparing James Bond impersonations over the air until you call in.

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Wait for the odd couple to address your question on air with their signature mix of humor and insight. Between the doctor and a man fluent in the Bible and modern science, you’ll get deep and unique answers to your life questions. The trite and cliche have no place here.

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The Quest Radio Show Hosts

A suave, sentimental doctor, and a cheeky, scholarly Brit. What more could you ask for?

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