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Meet Dr. Tony "Dimples" Saunders

Meet Dr. Tony "Dimples" Saunders


I’m originally from a small town in the ranching territory of British Columbia. I was always thirsty for knowledge, driven by a passion for discovery. At an early age, I developed a great love for systems and patterns. I began to intuit real patterns with human beings along with other phenomena. Sidelined by a severe motorcycle accident on my 20th birthday, I was told I’d be bedridden for the rest of my life. As it turned out, I spent only two months in that condition. That period gave me time to contemplate, and I determined to fight for my right to have a beautiful life.

When I was mobile again, I entered a course of martial arts training, a most wonderful growth opportunity. It wasn’t long before I was doing better — in every way — than I had before the accident. I noticed that you could tell a great deal about people by the way they moved during conversations. What a discovery– that you can literally intuit how a person thinks simply by observing the way he or she moves! I had an epiphany: everything goes into and out of the body according to the body more than brain… this is why people’s inner states can be discerned by watching them in physical motion.

I had a burning desire to share this discovery with others. I went to school and excelled, earning my advanced degree and the right to be called “Doctor.” For me, the best definition of that word is still the original one: “Teacher.” Rather than relying on the old model of focusing on dysfunction, I focus on understanding; in particular, helping people to change their perspectives and mental states through kinetic movements.

I go back to core understandings I discovered through experience, and this has given me the ability to make significant changes in other people’s lives. I cultivate their understanding, and watch in awe as they teach themselves to transcend their limitations. I look forward to bringing you these same tools and insights!

My system, Neuro-Cognitive Integration ™, is a 12-step program that helps people fully understand anxiety. It enables them to not merely survive, but to thrive. I have an absolute zest for life; I live my passion as a result of the system that has given me — and others with whom I’ve shared it — such an amazing degree of personal emancipation.