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Meet Philip Husbandman

Meet Philip Husbandman


Philip Husbandman was born in York, England on an undisclosed date. He was groomed to be an operatic singer as a boy, became a hot shot deal maker at Lloyds of London as a young man, and moved state-side as a slightly less young man to continue his business prowess in Southern California. Despite his business success, Philip new he had to get out of the never-ending, meaningless rat race. At 38 he jumped ship to pursue “the meaning of life”, something that had since then eluded him despite what would be perceived as a rich and varied life by outsiders.

Having never been to church before, he though he would give it a try. After attending a few churches, Philip realized that he wasn’t willing to sit in a church pew to endlessly listen to the opinions of those who did not understand at all the word of God, and could not do what they were preaching. He began a 60,000 hour search through the Bible, which resulted in his first book: Find The Meaningful Life TM. While religious leaders were telling him to take it easy and fit Christ into his old life, Philip had seen heavenly visions and heard from Christ, who wanted him to come into what He was doing. Philip was having real, spiritual experiences in heavenly places in the presence of God, and God was explaining to him the meaning of the words and doctrines of the Bible. There was no turning back.

Through study in the word of God and modern science, the Lord has revealed to Philip amazing things that marry the mysteries of science and religion, including: A breakthrough theory regarding what the power source of the universe is; An expounded study on Einstein’s theory of special relativity that solidifies it’s reality and reveals it’s relation to heavenly places; And a definitive, step by step guide to experiencing God and heavenly places in spirit, which is published in his book Find The Meaningful Life TM. His discoveries through God’s good help have amazed scientific scholars and silenced churchy skeptics who prefer to focus on judgmental laws (which Christ said are no longer valid) and stories that have no present application for meaningful life solutions.

The grand adventure that the Lord is taking Philip through continues as he finds more unique ways to share with others how to have true meaningfulness in life. Philip has never lost his business acumen. Philip is the managing director of Christian Credit Counselors International, a nonprofit foundation. Based in Newport Beach, California, you’ll most likely find him on his laptop researching his next book over a beer at the local bar, or using his operatic pipes to belt out Jethro Tull tunes at the Karaoke joint. His drink of choice is tea or Jack Daniels. When drinking either, don’t challenge him to a game of pool.